The Moon very close and Composited Stars

A Collection of Images Representing Higher Meaning

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sorting through images I’ve taken past and present. I just finished reading Manly P Hall’s Lectures on Ancient Philosophy and am working on converting his text to illustrations, something I’ve had in mind since I started this difficult book about two months ago. This week I had the pleasure of working …

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Convergence from Multiple Threads

This post will detail an overview of my work so far under the thesis of symbols and their philosophical implications. I began working with symbols because I believe they hold keys to past knowledge we have lost, destroyed, or re-packaged. Symbols at their very core have the power to reveal information to those who are initiated and conceal information for …

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A young woman wearing a sparkly dress inside of a damaged gym

Preparing for the Fall 2015 Semester

As I’m beginning this semester there are things I want to delve into things at a deeper level, such as composite photography, digital painting, and video slideshows. I’ve dabbled in these three things throughout my undergraduate program at UW Stout but have not yet pushed the potential of these techniques. Digital painting has been something I’ve followed since …

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Susan Sontag: On Photography

Beginning as an assignment for my second year at graduate school at Eastern Michigan University, my professor Jason DeMarte had me read On Photography, which turned out to be one of the most reflective books I’ve ever read on the subject. This book is more than just another artists opinion, it’s rings deep and true on …

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modern society graphic

Modern Society

How in the future we will adapt to this “social network” and instant gratification.!? In an insane ad-based society with more influences than physiologically able to comprehend, we ride on this journey of technology that is doubling in memory and functionality exponentially. It’s not a question of whether we can handle this. We can. If …

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