The Moon very close and Composited Stars

A Collection of Images Representing Higher Meaning

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sorting through images I’ve taken past and present. I just finished reading Manly P Hall’s Lectures on Ancient Philosophy and am working on converting his text to illustrations, something I’ve had in mind since I started this difficult book about two months ago. This week I had the pleasure of working …

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Convergence from Multiple Threads

This post will detail an overview of my work so far under the thesis of symbols and their philosophical implications. I began working with symbols because I believe they hold keys to past knowledge we have lost, destroyed, or re-packaged. Symbols at their very core have the power to reveal information to those who are initiated and conceal information for …

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An endless series of candles and flames being reflected

The Flame

View additional versions of these images in my series The Flame. There have been a number of good things happening I feel with this new line of work, such as having a sense of purpose. With this feeling, however, comes the burden of knowing how unable I am to fully process or understand the very thing …

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