A Variety of Figments Ver6

Sky in Negative Space as one continuation

It feels good to bring this series to a more complete level. Originally I planned for four of these pictures but now I have six. The first two versions of these images were introduced early this year and haven’t done much. The concept of this series is dualism, again, because it contains both the macro

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Armed with Inversion

Stephanie H

On September 19th Stephanie Hardie and I went to Ferndale to explore the city and take some pictures. The last time I had done a modeling shoot was exactly 4 months before. I took the route of thinking without thinking and just worked off the environment. It wasn’t too difficult, finding odd and interesting backdrops

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King Martyr 1


On the 3rd of September I met up with Tre’mar (a rap artist from Detroit, MI) and his friend Kylen Alford (who assisted with lighting) to shoot some promotional shots for King Marty’s upcoming album art, posters, flyers, etc. Tre’mar is only 18 years old and has already been cultivating a large following in his

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