Canaanite view of Cosmos

Convergence from Multiple Threads

View my entire series of SubmergedView more images of The FlameView more images from Exposed Spaces EnclosedView more images from Geode Nebula This post will detail an overview of my work so far under the thesis of symbols and their philosophical implications. I began working with symbols because I believe they hold keys to past knowledge we have lost,

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History, Part 4

This is my 4th history post, written October 28th of 2011 shortly after I moved to Dearborn, Michigan. I’m now living in Dearborn, MI and have been since early February of 2011. After being moved around I’m finally settling in and getting back on my feet. It’s been one crazy year where everything I was

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White Diamond

History, Part 3

This is part 3 of my history, written October 14th of 2010 during my final year attending UW-Stout in Menomonie, WI. On my way back during my final full semester at Stout, I decided to really step things up and concentrate solely on one project. The project was originally called Teenage Wasteland and was a combination of

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Give Me a J

Commercialism will be the New Symbol of Status While Hollywood Lies Dead

This series deals with iconography juxtaposed with environments on the brink of collapse. View all 11 images from this series in it’s now slightly less long title, Commercialism will be the New Symbol of Status. As entertainment constantly reinvents itself iconography strives to remain based on imaginary principles, principles that are residing on top of

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Roar of Slamming Doors and Lights in Menomonie

History, Part 2

This history writing took place early in my college years while attending UW-Stout in Menomonie, WI in 2009. I became busy with school again but I never quit photography. Most of the work after this was added to my open series. I was really trying to stay away from the whole modeling theme and go

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About this website

The categories on this website are, for the most part, unfinished. I’ve mapped out categories that will continue to expand and grow as more pictures are taken over time. All images on this site contain copyright information with the year presented on each image so I can reflect on my progress over time. I’ve tried my best to filter images into the correct categories and this too is something that will continue to evolve.

Jordan Ewert Photography represents my personal and professional photography services. I’m located in Dearborn, Michigan and work with clients surrounding the greater Detroit/Metro area.

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