I believe that a great portrait is more than just a picture; it should tell a story and evoke a feeling. To achieve this, I focus on using the environment around the subject to create a mood that complements their personality. Whether it’s a park, beach, or city street, I find that natural settings allow me to capture my subject’s true essence. Additionally, I utilize off-camera lighting to enhance the natural light and create a more dynamic and visually interesting image.

I always use professional-grade cameras and lenses to ensure that the images are of the highest quality. I believe that investing in equipment is essential to capturing the best possible images for my clients. In addition to digital images I include the option to order prints directly shipped to your address. Overall, my approach to senior portrait photography is to create timeless images that capture my subject’s personality and tell their unique story.

What’s included

  • Retouching on all final images. I enjoy making photos look their very best. For each session, I removing acne, blemishes, harsh shadows, etc.
  • Unlimited outfits. Dress in however many outfits you want to be seen in.
  • All final images included for download. In full resolution, including black & white, sepia, split tone, and a custom one if you version if you want.
  • Online print services. A variety of print options such as photo paper, canvas, desk art, keepsakes, albums, and greeting cards. Order online and have your images shipped directly to your address.

What's included

In my experience, photoshoots page typically take about two hours to cover a few locations. We’ll have planned locations and wardrobe and work together using off-camera lighting for dramatic looks and balanced lighting. I cover a variety of angles using various lenses, so you’ll have a variety of final images to choose from.

Additional services include invitation design and album design, where we can discuss layout and, colors, etc.

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