Promotional Portraits

for Artists, Musicians, Writers, and Small Business Owners

Dearborn, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Northville, Novi, Bloomfield Hills, etc

I specialize in portrait photography for those seeking to expand their audience and make a lasting impression. I don’t take snapshots. I use hand-crafted action plans to create promotional portraits based on your objectives.

Workflow Process

  • checkmark In-person meeting where we’ll discuss the kind of portrait(s) you seek
  • checkmark Private Facebook group where we’ll communicate and share ideas
  • checkmark Action plan PDF worksheet to fine-tune your desired outcome

What’s included

  • checkmark Multiple variations on select images you can use for multiple contexts
  • checkmark Password protected gallery where you can download high-res files
  • checkmark Full rights to publish and promote all of your final images


Jordan and I went to Ferndale to take pictures. We really did not have much to work with dealing with props but he had a vision for everything. He could see art in a tire, which is pretty impressive. I enjoyed doing the modeling for Jordan‰’s shoot while he made it very comfortable to act on any picture. Even if it had to do with food. Thank you!

Stephanie HardiePromotional PortraitFerndale, Michigan

“Working with Jordan was a nice experience. He was willing to try new ideas and experiment. We had fun driving around looking for spots to shoot creative pictures. everything flowed very well and it was pure art.”

Tre Le'Mar (King Martyr)Musician

I really had the grooviest time with you, Jordan. You made me feel comfortable and made sure I was really a part of every aspect of the shoot — not just a model. You let me bring my kooky ideas to the table and worked with them very well. I cannot wait to work with you again! Thanks for being the coolest, you have mad talent.

NIcole JarrellModeling Photoshoot

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How I work to meet your needs

Sometimes that studio look with a makeup artist is what works best if simple straightforward portraits are what you’re going for. Other times, working on-location is more appropriate because it allows you to become one with the environment and offers a good variety. When working on a portrait, I focus on the psychological aspects each person brings to the table. Personal ambition, sense of humor, and culture are good examples of this. Your individual needs and desires are unique and it’s for this very reason I guide you through a “portrait questionnaire” so we’re on the same page.

About My Experience

Portrait photography may be the foundation of my work but it’s my retouching experience that gives what I do heightened significance. Since 2008 I’ve worked with hundreds of people and documented thousands of locations both professionally and for my own amusement. I’ve also been using Adobe Photoshop for over 10 years. It’s my goal to create promotional portraits that are surrealistic and stylized rather than just something straightforward you can get taken anywhere else.

About Me

Since high school, I’ve been working up larger-than-life scenes. First I did this through drawings and paintings but I moved into photography my senior year and haven’t looked back since. I recently earned my Masters degree in Fine Art Photography (from Eastern Michigan University) and have been exploring the subject of conceptual / themed portrait photography since 2008.

When taking a portrait, I enjoy the way certain locations have the ability to set a tone for different scenes. I often get ideas in my head from the personalities of those I’m working and later on decide to further adjust the color settings in an image or composite something in the image that wasn’t in there in the first place. I must say, Adobe Photoshop is in a lot of ways like playing a video game to me. I’ll usually change the skies to something more dramatic in your portrait, to add more vibrant colors to the frame. More often than not I’ll use off-camera lighting to get dramatic effects such as chiaroscuro lighting that was used in masters detailed oil paintings.

When working with me you’ll find that it’s my combination of staged lighting and location-based photography, along with digital retouching capabilities, that will make your work stand out over the test of time.

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