Notion Resources

Notion Resources

Problem solvers view the world around them differently than those simply looking for an easy solution. Below is a link to my Notion resource page, focused around automation and productivity.

Personalized Business Dashboards

The primary tool I use is Notion (and other cloud services). Notion is an application that provides components such as notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders.

What I do

I build customized Notion dashboards aimed at making business owners and entrepreneurs more efficient. The dashboards I create for your business are completely customized and include one-on-one training. Some of the databases I help build involve client management (leads, billing, status etc), task management, project management, and analytics. 

I offer two different models of training. One is based on a detailed questionnaire, the other involves weekly virtual meetings where I build the dashboard for you and your business in real-time. I build a customized Notion dashboard designed to suit your needs, such as:

Schedule a conversation with me or contact me with questions first. I typically work with clients for two weeks one-on-one.

Watch an overview of my premium template, ☀️ Daily Momentum. This Notion dashboard solves handling multiple to-do lists, goals, and reflections in a single place. The template also includes an essential activities tracker with simplicity in mind.

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