David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle was born in Connecticut in 1963 and grew up taking pictures with his mother at a young age. He was only 15 when he left home and took off to New York. During this time -in the 1970’s- he began working in Studio 54. He was fascinated with many of the trendy artists …

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modern society graphic

Modern Society

How in the future we will adapt to this “social network” and instant gratification.!? In an insane ad-based society with more influences than physiologically able to comprehend, we ride on this journey of technology that is doubling in memory and functionality exponentially. It’s not a question of whether we can handle this. We can. If …

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Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia

Visiting Philadelphia

On April 3rd-ten days ago my sister and our friend Teresa visited Philadelphia together on a road trip for spring break. I saw two cousins of mine that I hadn’t seen in WAY too long… (Jamie, Toni – it was great seeing you two again). Although visiting them was the highlight of the trip, so …

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New York City with lots of people walking on Broadway long exposure

Visiting New York City

From March 4th to the 6th, 2013 I was fortunate enough to finally travel to New York. The visit was an experience, that’s for sure. Besides seeing my friend Aaron I hadn’t seen in over two years, I got to explore the better part of Manhattan and a little bit of Brooklyn. Below are some …

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History, Part 5

This is the 5th history writing I’ve done. This was written on November 13th of 2012 shortly after I returned from Europe (Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece). It’s been over a year since my last history update. I guess you could say I was figuring things out. I hadn’t worked with anyone or anything for about …

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Star Destroyer (CD Release Show)

On September 29th Star Destroyer released their sophomore album Millenials with a CD-Release party at Louie’s Trophy House Grill, in Kalamazoo, MI. The show was a major success for the band, who now have a loyal following of fans who continue to support them on tour. The music on this album has only become more personal and emotionally intense for singer Joel …

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A brunette who's wearing sunglasses that are cracked

Stephanie H

On September 19th Stephanie Hardie and I went to Ferndale to explore the city and take some pictures. The last time I had done a modeling shoot was exactly 4 months before. I took the route of thinking without thinking and just worked off the environment. It wasn’t too difficult finding odd and interesting backdrops …

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Light in the Ocean - Jacob playing the drums in jam space


On the 3rd of September, 2012 I met up with Tre’mar (a rap artist from Detroit, MI) and his friend Kylen Alford (who assisted with lighting) to shoot some promotional shots for King Marty’s upcoming album art, posters, flyers, etc. Tre’mar is only 18 years old and has already been cultivating a large following in …

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Athens Pilgrimage with the parthenon and group of people outside

Visiting Greece

Similar images from this post can be seen in my European Cityscapes and European Streets explorations. Images of Greece are primarily located in my Ancient Ruins collection. On July 22nd, 2012 our group from “Love Bulgaria” visited the beautiful Kavala, which is the second-largest city in northern Greece. Unlike Athens, this city was kept up …

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