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People Moving at the Greenfield Museum, Dearborn MI

Martin Luther King Day at the Henry Ford Museum

When Jen told me the Henry Ford Museum was free on Martin Luther King Day I knew we had to go. She had her friend with her so I knew I’d be able to take some pictures with no problem. When the time came to leave we piled in the car with Elon and Jen’s

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Sony & Hilliard Wedding in Jamaica

Visiting a place that is far from anything I usually experience, gets me inspired. When time is limited I have to make the best of it, and I found Jamaica to be an incredible place containing great beauty and poverty. Sometime mid-July I got a phone call. My former boss Hilliard, and his fiancee Sony

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Kayra – Henry Ford Estate

Kayra found me on Google and needed an environmental senior portrait session as well as a studio shoot. This all took place when I was putting together my home studio and I was excited to balance the two. We decided Henry Ford Estate was the best spot since it has so much going on in

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People on the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge, Minneapolis MN

Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge

On October 15th, I visited my brother and Ozge in Minneapolis, MN. I walked around with Jen and Elon at the Walker Sculpture Gardens and began taking pictures of the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge. My goal was to create a mini-series of this interesting structure. There is a personal connection and a lot of memories

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Niagara Falls, wide shot at night long exposure with the falls being blue and purple in appearance

Niagara Falls from Canada and United States

View more images like this in my Waterfalls series. This last weekend I was fortunate to visit Niagara Falls. Jen invited me to this amazing adventure for her friend Tiffany’s birthday party. Tiffany and her husband Paul met us in St. Catherines of Ontario, Canada on August 26th. This was my first time using Airbnb

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Solar Eclipse, 2017

Background on this solar eclipse When I started this timelapse process, I didn’t realize how and fast the sun moved between 1 pm and 3 pm. I think I moved my tripod about four or five times over the 2.5 hours to get the sun to stay in the frame. My maximum zoom was set

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Marengo cave with what appears to be ice and stalactites with lighting from above

Into Marengo Cave

Related Collections: Faux Planet Surfaces Marange Cave Memorial Day weekend this year was spent with my parents, who now live in Vincennes, Indiana.  Being back home now with Jen and Elon was great. After some morning coffee and getting ready we packed ourselves into the car and headed into the small town of Marengo to

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Sony & Hilliard Engagement

I’ve known Hilliard for a while now. We worked together at an online school for almost 5 years! He was the director of this school and I was hired as a Macintosh computer technician. When he was looking for someone to take him and his fiance’s engagement pictures he thought of me. On the 12th

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Kamaria – Heritage Park

Kamaria is a girl who’s talented at basketball and has a love for animals. We chose to photograph her senior photo session at Heritage Park because of the petting farm that’s there as well as the beautiful scenery nearby. After we spent an hour or so at the park her father, a prominent basketball coach,

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