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A flock of seagulls scattering as a young child stands in the middle of them, scaring them all away

Visiting Friends & Family in Florida

On January 16th we all headed on a plane to Tampa, Florida to visit some of Jen’s family, who lives nearby. Jen hadn’t seen her aunt since she was a little girl, and she was excited to meet all of her new cousins as well. As I try and do every time, I managed to

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Jordan dreadlock hair movement

Jordan – Belleville Lake

Jordan is someone who just enjoys everything there is to life and is passionate about football. Working with him for a specific shot, we photographed him holding a football on the field of Wayne Memorial High School. It was November, so there was still snow on the ground at this point! Not wanting to turn

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Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren – Costume Design

The following images were shot behind some trails in January of 2019, in the midst of snowfall. The snowfall effect was key in getting a natural atmosphere using off-camera flash. The way the snow showed up using directional lighting made all the difference. Using colored gels, my friend Jay (the one in the Kylo Ren

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Continental Factory - Looking Through a Wall at the rooftop with snowfall

Revisiting Continental Motors in Detroit

On December 30, 2018, I went out to explore Continental Motors in Detroit with my brother and Jason (@jejones). Jason guided us through the area and talked to us about the evolution of graffiti from different artists over the years. He told stories from his viewpoints of what used to be and when it got

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Joanna – Dearborn Country Club

I was contacted by Joanna for senior pictures recently and here is how they turned out. We chose to take these portraits at the Dearborn Golf Club, which added a lot of scenic backgrounds like ivy, flowers, and brick to the equation. Special thanks to her father who helped me with some off-camera lighting and

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Hotels & Apartments in Cherry Hill Grove, SC

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront

I had the opportunity to go on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It had been a long time since my entire family and my sister’s family were able to get together like this at the same time. We spent two nights in a Wyndom Hotel near the beach and had a fantastic

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Kayla & Justin’s Wedding

I first met Kayla and Justin through my friend Derrick. He mentioned to the couple my photography and they decided to give me a call. The timing couldn’t have been better either as I was finding myself urging to get back into shooting weddings again. I have to thank my friend Adam (the videographer) for

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Katie & Derrick Engagement

One of my best friends Derrick met the love of his life, Katie, and I’m so happy for them. These two are an incredible couple who will be with each other forever… They have outstanding values. I know, I’ve known Derrick for more than 10 years now and he’s by far one of the most

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Joshua looking off camera proud to be graduating wearing cap and gown

Ivory (Joshua) – Detroit Riverwalk

Joshua is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with. He has an interest in veterinarian care an avid reader. His mother and Joshua agreed that photographing a portrait session in downtown Detroit would be the best place to get the kind of shots he was looking for. We were all looking forward to

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