Editorial Photography & Video

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I’m interested in editorial (journalistic) photo & video series based on the context of different people’s lives and whatever event or movement surrounds them.

When hiring me to work with you on your project, I take consideration who you want me talking to, where I need to be, and what I need to be focusing on. As a photographer and cinematographer, I believe it’s my job to be both engaging while stepping back to get the real picture (so to speak).

Here is my thesis… My sales pitch. If there’s a story about a certain person being written about, it may be reasonable to document that persons average day in detail, if only to get a better sense of who they are, to capture moments that stand out… to make them more human… more understood. Isn’t it important to establish who the people all around us are and what they believe in?

Pricing for my editorial portraits is determined by how much time I’ll have to commit to your project (people scouting, location permits, post-production, specialized equipment, etc). I’m working on creating stronger video presence to my editorial work. It’s my goal is to tell your story using visual imagery. This needs to come from both still images and moving pictures, because each one has it’s place in telling your story.

About Editorial Video

The examples below show different approaches / techniques in video sequences I’ve created over the years. Cinematography is something I’m beginning to pay more and more attention to. I’m particularly interested in creating smooth motion shots with rails and steadicam equipment.

About Editorial Photography

Admittedly, most of my experience professionally comes from photography. For examples of my more experimental photography and video, check out my fine-art website or jump right into my portrait selection for a look at dramatic portraits I’ve created over the years.

Mini Documentary Example

Timelapse Examples


Establishing Shot Example

Aerial Videography Example

Portrait Montage Example

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