Daily Momentum


The ☀️Daily Momentum template for the web/app Notion contains 🕹️My Dashboard page that:

1️⃣ manages tasks from various sources (i.e. personal, work)
2️⃣ measures essential activities (non-negotiable daily tasks)
3️⃣ catalogs monthly goals and milestones.

What gets measured gets done. If you find yourself disorganized, with notes and various tasks scattered across different notebooks or apps, this dashboard—and the geniuses behind Notion—may just be the very thing you’ve been looking for, with the added bonus of having everything in one place.

I developed this ☀️Daily Momentum template for myself originally, and it’s had a profound effect on my own productivity and focus. An account with Notion is required to use this template. With any account (free or paid) you can duplicate this entire template—in just one click.

How to use

  1. Purchase the☀️Daily Momentum Notion page for $10 on Gumroad: https://gum.co/NTIvK
  2. Once inside, select 🕹️ My Dashboardthen “Duplicate”

On a browser, look to the upper-right and click duplicate. On mobile, click the menu and then select duplicate.

Current filters, sorting, and properties for each table (i.e. inline database) can be found in my Help & FAQ (located inside the template).

Notion Resources

Visit My Notion Resources page for templates and custom formulas, geared to make your databases more efficient and easier to understand. Most of this material was adapted from several experts with more coding knowledge. I’ve assembled a good collection of the best and re-adapted.

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