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Artist Portraits

Artist Portraits focus on captivating your targeted audience through stylized, location-based photography sessions. Each image is tailored to your preference. I tend to favor environmental portraits with dramatic skies and hard-edge lighting from an off-camera flash or beauty dish. I specialize in composite photography and can easily transport you into a new environment if we shoot in-studio. The best kinds of portraits, in my opinion, are the ones that tell a story or narrative using symbolic references to your personality and/or background.

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Live Music

Live Music is something of a kind because it relies on good atmospheric lighting. If you’ve got a good setup going with lighting equipment and want clear, crisp images, I have lenses that can handle this. If you need more I have some good connections for DJ and Live Concert lighting equipment or audio recording services. Photo or video is available. Contact me if you have any questions.

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Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits are some of my favorite kinds of portraits to take because they express the true potential of a person. Anyone can give you that blurry background these days but I take things a step further by using off-camera lighting to emphasize mood and to counteract unflattering shadows. The portraits you get when working with me stand out in their high quality and attention to detail.

My favorite time to shoot is between late afternoon and evening for the golden hour lighting, as this time brings out the most atmosphere and presence. Street lights are turned on, indoor lights spill out onto the streets, and the sunset provides increased vibrancy and color.

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Additional Services

I’m open to working on photography in fields beyond traditional portraits. I sell prints as well as photograph architecture and real-estate on the side. I’m always looking to get into new projects. If you’re interested in seeing any of my video work you’ll see I’ve recently been getting into more and more timelapse photography and experimental footage.

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