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Solar Eclipse, 2017

Background on this solar eclipse When I started this timelapse process, I didn’t realize how and fast the sun moved between 1 pm and 3 pm. I think I moved my tripod about four or five times over the 2.5 hours to get the sun to stay in the frame. My maximum zoom was set […]

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Marengo cave with what appears to be ice and stalactites with lighting from above

Into Marengo Cave

Related Collections: Faux Planet Surfaces Marange Cave Memorial Day weekend this year was spent with my parents, who now live in Vincennes, Indiana.  Being back home now with Jen and Elon was great. After some morning coffee and getting ready we packed ourselves into the car and headed into the small town of Marengo to

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The Moon very close and Composited Stars

A Collection of Images Representing Higher Meaning

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sorting through images I’ve taken past and present. I just finished reading Manly P Hall’s Lectures on Ancient Philosophy and am working on converting his text to illustrations, something I’ve had in mind since I started this difficult book about two months ago. This week I had the pleasure of working

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An endless series of candles and flames being reflected

The Flame

View additional versions of these images in my series The Flame. There have been a number of good things happening I feel with this new line of work, such as having a sense of purpose. With this feeling, however, comes the burden of knowing how unable I am to fully process or understand the very thing

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