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Rebirthing Capacity

Into Marengo Cave

Related Collections: Faux Planet Surfaces  Marange Cave Memorial Day weekend this year was spent with my parents, who now live in Vincennes, Indiana.  Being back home now with Jen and Elon was great. After some morning coffee and getting ready we packed ourselves into the car and headed into the small town of Marengo to …

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My Final Show Plans-REVISED

Several Series from Multiple Condensed Directions

Related Collections: A Variety of Figments Little Planets Microcosm Macrocosm My graduate show was on display Monday, December 5th, 2016. The show was located at Eastern Michigan University’s Ford Hall gallery. After researching primarily the Greco-roman mystery religions and their symbolism over the past year I’ve now arrived at showcasing images that reach for some …

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Canaanite view of Cosmos

History, Part 6 – Compilation of Image Series and their Place

View more images inspired from this writing in my series Hierarchies of Thought, Little Planets, A Variety of Figments, and Ancient Illustrations Revised (in progress). I want to wrap up the images I’ve been putting together since the 2015 Winter semester at Eastern Michigan University and summarize how things are going. It’s important for me …

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SPACE and our variety of definitions

Working Through Sketches

I’ve been keeping a sketchbook to record the visual ideas that come to mind while reading Lectures on Ancient Philosophy. These sketches predominantly are based on the ideas from Manly P. Halls’s writings. Below are sketches 1-12 with explanations and plans for what the final image(s) will look like. Some of these are vector-based for simplicity, some …

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