30 Day Momentum

🕹️ My Dashboard is based on the Notion dashboard I use to manage freelance clients and measure essential activities. From a user standpoint, this helps organize information on the fly very quickly.

This dashboard is live and is updated in real-time. Current filters, sorting, and properties for each table (i.e. inline database) can be found in my Help & FAQ (located inside the template).

How to use

An account with Notion is required to use this template. With any account (free or paid) you can duplicate this entire template—in just one click.

Use the “30 Day Momentum” page (Or 🕹️ My Dashboard) with your browser or mobile device. On a browser, look to the upper-right and click duplicate. On mobile, click the ⋮ and then select duplicate.


Jordan Ewert Profile 2020My name is Jordan Ewert, a photographer and website designerI developed this organization and task management system borrowing from concepts on books I’ve read and courses I’ve taken over the last 10 years. I gave this template the name 30 Day Momentum because of the profound effect it has to build (and measure!) positive habits over time. This template translates cause and effect and uses relational databases to better display related data (and make you a more productive and powerful person in the process).

Charting and mapping out your goals and progress is great, but sometimes you need help and some personal accountability. If you would like more information on my accountability program with custom Notion dashboard services, click here and we can talk.

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