30 Day Momentum with Notion

30 Day Momentum

is my custom Notion dashboard designed to measure personal achievements and leads management. This dashboard is live and is updated in real time.

It contains seven different sections (pages) that use relational databases to share information with one another. From a user standpoint, this helps organize information on the fly very quickly.

I use this to manage my 🌄 Daily Routine, 🕹️ Action Items, 🔥 Ideas / Examples, 💬 Social Networking, 🧩 Knowledge, 📬 Direct Messages, and 🧬 SS Calendar. 

All of this is more clear once you view the overview.

Charting and mapping out your goals and progress is great, but sometimes you need help and some personal accountability. Join the 30 Day Momentum Facebook Group where you and other members can collaborate and share progress.


My name is Jordan Ewert, a photographer and website builder/designer. This template was created when I realized just how easy it was to duplicate pages in Notion. This template mirrors a similar workflow I use to manage freelance clients AND measure essential activities.

I developed this organization and task management system using concepts from all the books and courses I’ve taken over the last 10 years that deal with self-development and marketing. I gave this template the name 30 Day Momentum because of the profound effects it has when building positive habits over a period of time and measuring progress at the same time. This template translates cause and effect because using select relational databases.

How to use

An account with Notion is required to use this template. With any account (free or paid) you can duplicate this entire template—All sections, pages, and databases you see here, in just one click.

View “30 Day Momentum” right now. Duplicate entire dashboard from this link, or dive deeper and move sections into your existing Notion account.

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