Caitlin – Detroit – Belle Isle & Downtown

I meth Caitlin through her parents, whom I’d shot a wedding for in 2018. This family is incredible and everyone is full of so much love and joy. Caitlin is a musician and scholar, a young woman of many talents. She had her heart set on Detroit and asked me to pick out some locations. Having worded around Detroit I knew a few really good spots we could check out and we made a gameplan.

Caitlin W 002

We started on a parking structure, so we could overlook the city and get the GM Renaissance building behind us. This turned out to be a really good spot to shoot and at the time, on a Sunday, we were the only ones up there!

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A montage of some images we shot on the parking lot structure and inside of the Atwater walkway in the Atwater parking garage in Detroit.

Caitlin Wittmer 011

Caitlin with her guitar. This one turned out pretty incredible.

Caitlin Wittmer 028

Another shot in the same location. I played around more than usual with cross processing and enjoyed getting a pastel look with these. Even with standard editing, the reds were just a bit too harsh and took away from Caitlin’s look. It was worth it in the end to spend the extra time to get this effect right.

Caitlin Wittmer 038
Caitlin W 048

Using a similar cross process / split-tone effect, we moved onto the fountain at Belle Isle for more shots with her guitar.

The animation above (on my Instagram) shows an animated version of one of my images from this spot.

Caitlin Wittmer 071

The best shot on the island overlooks the city of Detroit. We made it hear just as I timed it with the sun starting to set, my favorite time of day to take portraits. The only thing now though, is that we were in a rush to move on and get shots downtown.

Caitlin Wittmer 130

We found an alley near the Detroit Farmers Market area with graffiti that looked… well, perfect. We used a lot of shots taken in this alley around dusk.

Caitlin Wittmer 126

Caitlin, again, playing her guitar near some graffiti.

Caitlin Wittmer 182

We ended the evening near the parking lot structure where we began. Caitlin and I jumped out briefly and got a nice serious shot of her overlooking the Detroit River.

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