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Jordan – Belleville Lake

Part 1 working with Jordan involved his football gear on the field of Wayne Memorial High School in November of 2018. There was still snow on the ground at this point! Never wanting to turn away from an opportunity, despite there being little sunshine, we went for it.
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Jordan is a really funny dude, but also very serious and introspective. For this reason, we got both sides of his personality in his gear. After about 30 minutes we headed out and made an arrangement for part 2 when it was a little warmer outside.
For part 2, I worked with Jordan in February of 2019. Being Michigan and still pretty chilly, I made the best of Jordan’s hilarious personality, sense of adventure, and good taste in food to keep me going. We hit up the Bayou Grill and started down Main St in Belleville for some pictures. Jordan told me he had some great memories in this city, and, having recently moved here wanted to have his senior pictures grounded in this area.
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Outside of the Bayou Grill in Belleville, we found this crazy statue. Having a good sense of humor, Jordan walked right up to it and posed for our first shot.
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Back in football attire, Jordan posed using some shot ideas I provided and a few he had in his head as well. These were taken off a pier at Belleville Lake.
Jordan H Senior Photos 48
When I shot this I’d recently upgraded my camera flash system to be able to capture fast movement. Dreadlocks + movement = this. In all this is probably my favorite shot of his and I’m really happy we stuck with it. I must have taken a few dozen before getting this one. If you knew Jordan, you’de probably say this perfectly captures his personality.
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