Kylo Ren – Costume Design

The following images were shot behind some trails in January of 2019, in the midst of snowfall. The snowfall effect was key in getting a natural atmosphere using off-camera flash. The way the snow showed up using directional lighting made all the difference. Using colored gels, my friend Jay (the one in the Kylo Ren costume) and I were able to pull off an amazing shoot in little time. About the only effects, I added to these final images was a glow effect in the lightsaber.
Kylo Ren
A closeup of the details. Notice the craftsmanship of this costume. Jay didn’t mess around when customizing it! We decided to shoot in the woods because it offered a more “timeless” effect. Architecture in Dearborn, Michigan doesn’t exactly work with Star Wars-themed costumes.
Kylo Ren Kylo Ren
These are some of the best examples we got in terms of cross-directional lighting. A total of three speedlights were used. 1) on-camera flash at 1/4th power; 2) Behind Kylo to illuminate snow around 1/8th power; and 3) to the left (camera right) of the subject using a red gel to illuminate outfit at various outputs. The lightsaber was modified with a glow in Photoshop later. Just something fun here and a little different than what I usually shoot.
Kylo Ren
Adding in trees to the foreground made for an even more interesting effect. I was absolutely thrilled just how well these turned out!
Kylo Ren
Another very dramatic image with some incredible shadows from Kylo’s lightsaber.
Kylo Ren
This image highlights the setup I used. This time, instead of a barelight flash and one with red gel I decided to use two. The way it created red harsh shadows around Kylo was perfect. The red gels also seemed to transform the snow into something more ominous.
Kylo Ren
This shoot was a ton of fun! If you have something like this you want to have photographed, please contact me so we can chat about your ideas.

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