Joanna – Dearborn Country Club

I was contacted by Joanna for senior pictures recently and here is how they turned out. We chose to take these portraits at the Dearborn Golf Club, which added a lot of scenic backgrounds like ivy, flowers, and brick to the equation. Special thanks to her father who helped me with some off-camera lighting and her mother for being supportive and showing us some scenic locations to work in. Below are some of the standout images from this collection.
Finding an interesting tree, Joanna posed inside the branches and gave me a serious look. She wanted a good mix of smiles and seriousness and of course, I was all up for that! This is one of my favorite shots of the entire session.

In front of the Dearborn Golf Course Joanna poses with her hand bracing wrist. Foliage and bushes surround her for this dramatic-looking portrait. This is another amazing picture I’m really proud of.

Joanna-S-3 Joanna-S-5 Joanna-S-4
We decided to get some nice shots near the garden area just in back of the courtyard of the golf course.
Near the tree from the shot above, Joanna posed with her hand on her hip for the serious environmental portrait idea she had in mind.
Joanna staging a pose as she leaves the club entrance.
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