Kayla & Justin Engagement

I first met Kayla and Justin through my friend Derrick. He mentioned to the couple my photography and they decided to give me a call. The timing couldn’t have been better either; I was finding myself urging to get back shooting again, this time for my own business.
Kayla Justin Engagement 48
This couple was a blast to spend time with. My favorite thing about Kayla & Justin was their sense of humor. Oh yes, I mentioned Derrick earlier. Well, he was the best man! For both of their events, I have to thank my friend Adam (the videographer) for putting in the extra effort and pushing me further as well. Adam also helped us find some really cool locations for their engagements. Enjoy the images of this beautiful and hilarious couple.
Kayla Justin Engagement 60 Kayla Justin Engagement 61
When the day finally arrived for their engagement session we met at her parent’s house with a small pond, the lake really, in front and the beautiful wooded area just beyond. After spending some time here we lit off some fireworks. From the getting ready images to the “first look”, we balanced out each location for the best effect possible. For their wedding ceremonies (yes, there were two of them which was really cool) each was beautiful. The reception hall for their second included hundreds of their friends and families. I don’t recall the name of the venue but it had one of the best balconies I’ve ever got to take photos from.
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