Heather & Tony Wedding

On March 24th, 2018 Jen and I photographed our friends Heather and Tony’s wedding. Heather and Tony make a great pair and it’s so refreshing to see them have unconditional love for each other. It’s especially great that their wedding happened at the beginning of spring symbolizing new beginnings. leaving the past behind and looking forward to a future together. My favorite part of the wedding was the pouring of the sand. My wife Jen has lots of memories babysitting Heather’s two sweet kids, Tristan and Zoe, and is happy they now have a father figure Tony and a wonderful big brother Shane.
Heather-and-Tony-01-695x1024 Heather-and-Tony-02-695x1024 Heather-and-Tony-03-695x1024 Heather-and-Tony-04-694x1024 Heather-and-Tony-05-1024x694 Heather-and-Tony-06-695x1024 Heather-and-Tony-07-695x1024 Heather-and-Tony-08-1024x694

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