Ivory (Joshua) – Detroit Riverwalk

Joshua is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with. He has an interest in veterinarian care an avid reader. His mother and Joshua agreed that photographing a portrait session in downtown Detroit would be the best place to get the kind of shots he was looking for. We were all looking forward to getting shots, especially near the Riverwalk area of Detroit.
Joshua walking on the Detroit Riverwalk
Josuah on the Riverwalk. This is where we started first. Joshua loved spending time by this riverwalk, walking, thinking.
Joshua sitting looking contemplative in Detroit
Joshua was an avid thinker, and he requested a shot that looked introspective yet direct. Because we wanted his hometown of Detroit in the frame, I sat him on the steps near the “Gateway to Freedom International Memorial to the Underground Railroad.”
Joshua reading the Bible with clear sky overhead with no clouds
Another shot of Joshua reading. He was an avid reader of the Bible and we positioned him on the railing separating the Detroit walkway and Detroit River.
Joshua looking off camera proud to be graduating wearing cap and gown
Not all shots need to show a face to be a portrait. Joshua requested this shot as one of his ideas. The way the sun was shining on his back made it perfect.
Joshua looking at Detroit from behind with city slightly out of focus
As we ended our Detroit spot we had Joshua sit on the stairway in front of the GM building. I used my wide-angle lens to get him and the entire Renaissance Center in the frame.

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