Kamaria – Heritage Park

Kamaria is a girl who’s talented at basketball and has a love for animals. We chose to photograph her senior photo session at Heritage Park because of the petting farm that’s there as well as the beautiful scenery nearby. After we spent an hour or so at the park her father, a prominent basketball coach, let us inside her high school’s gymnasium where we photographed her in uniform. Kamaria was recently granted a full-ride scholarship to college and has been the star basketball player for her team ever since she was a freshman.

We started things off with some outfits her mother picked out. There was sentimental value in this outfit and we wanted to use bright colors all around to best represent the life it’s brought to her and her family. The added wind was just a nice touch and we had a beautiful day to work with.

Here is Kamaria posing with a goat. It’s no coincidence that G.O.A.T stands for “greatest of all time”. You might not pick this up without knowing her basketball skills, but she was the GOAT of Robichaud High School, especially during her senior year of 2017. This picture was taken so she could show her team as an inside joke.

Kamaria inside the petting zoo barn, posing with one of the cows for fun. When we got to talking she told me that after basketball she may pursue a job as a veterinarian. If you know anything about animals, then you’ll know this wasn’t easy to get the cow and Kamaria looking at me! We eventually pulled it off though so it was totally worth it.

Along the way someone was walking their dog. I asked if we could pose a picture and this is what we got!

Before leaving the garden area, Kamaria changed into her cap and gown and stood near the atrium entrance.

This was an image she had in mind, and the reason behind it is along the lines of looking up and following your dreams. My wide-angle lens was perfect for this, as it captured her and all of the trees in the same shot. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. Notice the off-camera light here to add some drama to the shot.

We shot this so her outfit would stand out against the reds in a weathered red barn nearby. Update 2019: This barn is no longer here.

Heading into Robichaud’s gymnasium, Kamaria put on her game face and we posed her wearing her home jersey and holding her favorite basketball.

This is a shot we had in mind and planned. Getting this isn’t as easy as just a single exposure. It was actually a combination of two different shots so both her and the basketball were in focus.

This one, too, turned out really well. The colors, the logo, everything. This is the image she was looking forward to the most. Working with Kamaria and her parents was an absolute pleasure.

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