Chad & Rachel Wedding

Chad and Rachel are worship leaders and their passion for leading people to Jesus through music is what brought them together. After going through personal trials and hardships they each prayed for Godly partners who had the desire to raise a family to follow Jesus!

Now they are celebrating their love and very excited to be getting married and blending their families. Chad is a multi-talented musician, born and raised in the Detroit area with Sicilian roots… Rachel’s Sicilian prince… Rachel is a singer/songwriter born and raised in England, Chad’s English rose… Since Rachel has an English accent Chad jokes that she is his mail-order bride.

These two couldn’t be any more in love with one another. For proof of that check out the engagement photoshoot I did with them recently before the wedding.

Details & Getting Ready

This was the amazing decorations we saw when first walking in… Amazing isn’t it? This was just the beginning.

_DSC4635 _DSC4657 DSC00320
Wedding Decorations in Sanctuary
Rachel getting ready in hotel mirror
Rechel Getting Ready with one of her bridesmaids
DSC00367 DSC00378
Meanwhile… Chad was in the bathroom with his pet duck. I later learned that this duck was the ring bearer for the upcoming ceremony. This was a first for me.


The Ceremony


DSC00797 DSC00808   DSC00892


After the Ceremony




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