Rachel & Chad Engagement

On March 19th, my wife Jennifer and I met up with Chad & Rachel for this engagement photoshoot. Fun fact: this was actually the first time our newborn son Elon had really been able to enjoy a day outside! The weather had been pretty sketchy the entire week but we got lucky with a break in the clouds and the sun came out for the better part of the afternoon.

Lake Orion, MI – Kings Court Castle Family Picture
Lake Orion, MI – Kings Court Castle Family Picture

I decided to have us meet at King’s Court Castle in Lake Orion, MI, because of the beautiful indoor decor. Originally just planning on getting a few shots inside this location, an event in one of the nearby reception halls forced us outside pretty quickly.


I was using my Sony A7Rii for the first time and experimented more with off-camera lighting. What’s not-so-telling about this place from the picture here was the dark corners under the railings where the light wasn’t hitting. To do this entirely with natural light would not have worked out so well.


Chad and Rachel are worship leaders and their passion for leading people to Jesus through music is what brought them together. After going through personal trials and hardships they each prayed for Godly partners who had the desire to raise a family to follow Jesus!


Now they are celebrating their love and very excited to be getting married and blending their families. Chad is a multi-talented musician, born and raised in the Detroit area with Sicilian roots… Rachel’s Sicilian prince… Rachel is a singer/songwriter born and raised in England, Chad’s English rose… Since Rachel has an English accent Chad jokes that she is his mail-order bride.


Rachel had this really good idea for a family shoot. It took a few tries, but I’m really happy with how this one turned out.


We headed indoors again, but were lucky to spot a carousel! The kids were loving this place.


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