Several Series from Multiple Condensed Directions

My graduate show will be on display Monday, December 5th 2016. The show will be located at Eastern Michigan University’s Ford Hall gallery from 4:30 to 9pm.

After researching primarily the greco-roman mystery religions and their symbolism over the past year I’ve now arrived at showcasing images that reach for some kind of significance towards the “light” which is inherently hidden and non-representative, as well as both negative and positive at once.

My photography is again growing narrower in the sense that I’m focusing on simplifying the field of photography by eliminating possible “recognizable” objects. To put it simply, My self-experience led me into some interesting readings, which got me into the ideas of attraction to formal problems of scale in space. In my first post, Preparing for the Fall 2015 Semester, I cover much of the reason I’ve begun moving in this direction of photography & video.


The floorplan above shows what my final show will look like. This is subject to change. It’s important for me to make sure nearly 1/3 of my space is completely dark for the projections to appear properly.

Recently, I spoke with my advisors at Eastern Michigan University for a second time. Since working with my primary advisor Jason Demarte this Winter 2016-17 semester I’ve been condensing, re-working, and re-thinking photographic images that display as a single body of work. Meeting with Jason over the last couple years has helped me gain better grasp on some of the conceptual function of my work. In regards to finalizing the images needed for my final show, I was having some challenges thinking up photographs that fit with the MARBLESCRYSTALS, and SILHOUETTE image series that will be part of my final show. Aside from these three image series, most of my photography has been very direct in the past; completely revealing rather than figurative or allegorical.


The most important thing I’m realizing right now is the importance of the experience my show has to offer to be successful and really work. I’m really excited about the video aspect even more now, because the atmosphere will be much more apparent when viewed in a private dark space. These two videos are planned to play simultaneously with a single sound source.

Sky in Negative Space
Sky in Negative Space

View entire series, A Variety of Figments.

Little Planets no.02
Little Planets no.02

View entire series, Little Planets.

Geode Crystal Stone no.10
Geode Crystal Stone no.10

View entire series, Geode Nebula.


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