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Water & Sewage Central Maintenance Yard - Graffiti Lookthrough

Exploring Detroit’s Water & Sewage Central Yard

See more images from Detroit’s Water & Sewage Central Yard. The Detroit Water Sewerage Central Yard is located at the intersection of Orleans Street and Erskine Street. This was our third and final stop for the day after exploring Greenfield Elementary and Fredrick Douglass Academy. What made this place stand out was the vastness of it all. The

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St. Agnes Sanctuary

Exploring Detroit – St. Agnes Cathedral and the Surrounding Neighborhood

View this entire collection at Abandoned – Churches & Cathedrals – St. Agnes Cathedral On June 22nd I went out with Andrew of Detroit Proper Photography and my girlfriend Jennifer to see some more Abandoned Structures in Detroit. Our first stop was somewhere near Robinwood street, which has been dubbed as one of the most abandoned neighborhoods

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Fredrick Douglass long corridor and gutted wall (wider)

Exploring the Abandoned School Fredrick Douglass Academy, Detroit

View all images from this exploration by visiting the Fredrick Douglass Academy Detroit exploration. Fredrick Douglass Academy High School is located on the corner of Chene and Leland in Detroit. This was our second stop after exploring Greenfield Park Elementary on May 24th, 2014. I was here two years ago and immediately noticed more overgrowth occurring since

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