Nicole-Raq Jarrell & Brooke Ziggy Rosner

On November 17th, Nicole-Raq Jarrell and Brooke Ziggy Rosner joined me in an adventure as we headed to Charlie’s Apple Orchard in New Boston, MI. Working with a Sleepy Hallow/Cosmo/1950’s theme I set out to capture the stunning look of these two women. In their own right, they are glamorous and could be rock-stars one day. Nicole (the one wearing pink) is a video director and has already produced an amazing short film called “Whateverland.” Brooke hails from Australia and is a foreign exchange student visiting the states. This was, in fact, the first time she had seen a pumpkin!

Brooke and I have created a story behind these photos. Are you ready? It’s called On The Road With Zombies. It’s like we’re the only ones we know who are alive and we’re on the road searching for other living people, kicking ass on the way — and we’re tired and sad and (by the way, we have to steal an old fire truck to get out of town- go figure!) In this one, I’m like “Are you ready for this?”

I wanted to be a little more ambitious and play with dramatic dark tones, particularly in the sky. We were losing daylight so I brought out my manual flash and pocket wizards, going for a sleepy hallow vibe. The field was barren and empty, making it a perfect location for the mood/feeling we were going for.

A teenage female with short hair upside down in a field
Porcelain Teenager

A young woman alone in a field staring into the camera against a moody sky

Teenage brunette wearing a hat staring directly into the camera
Forever Youth

Diptych of a brunette teenager, one with glasses in orange tones and one without in blues

A teenage female with short hair sitting on some pumpkins with a dramatic sky overhead
Running Stop Signs and Avoiding Authorities

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