Stephanie H

On September 19th Stephanie Hardie and I went to Ferndale to explore the city and take some pictures. The last time I had done a modeling shoot was exactly 4 months before. I took the route of thinking without thinking and just worked off the environment. It wasn’t too difficult finding odd and interesting backdrops for Stephanie. I wanted her purple shirt to play off the green environment around us. Summer is coming to an end. I wanted these to be bright and extremely colorful. The odd makeup you see in a couple of these shots was an exercise more or less in pushing skin tones against complementary colors to get more detail.

Young woman brunette with reflections of foliage in sunglasses while looking in camera
Armed with Inversion
A brunette female wearing glasses smiling and looking back at camera
Face to Face for the First Time
Young woman in front of a neon sign looking serious with lights from the sign illuminating her face
The Picture of Rising Falling and Rising Again
A brunette who's wearing sunglasses that are cracked

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