Star Destroyer (CD Release Show)

On September 29th Star Destroyer released their sophomore album Millenials with a CD-Release party at Louie’s Trophy House Grill, in Kalamazoo, MI. The show was a major success for the band, who now have a loyal following of fans who continue to support them on tour. The music on this album has only become more personal and emotionally intense for singer Joel Hardcastle, who stretches the boundaries of his voice from singing to screaming to the point of breakdown. His brother, Miles, is even tighter on bass with more focus on “grooves” that lead the rest of the band in harmony. Playing upon this balance is new drummer Jeff Wright, who knows how to push the sound to the extreme when needed to keep the mood going. Rajan as always is fantastic on guitars, adding layers of atmosphere and intricate picking between at just the right moments.

  • Rajan Radite – Guitars, Vocals, Percussion
  • Jeff W. Wright – Drums, Vocals
  • Joel Hardcastle – Lead Vocals
  • Miles Hardcastle – Bass, Vocals

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