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Since 2008 I’ve been creating photography collections which include landscapes, portraits, and places I’ve been fortunate to visit. I stylize images through color, tone, and compositing in ways that evoke some kind of insight or emotion. Occasionally I plan out my series but most happened organically over time.

Professionally I photograph weddings, senior portraits, and other portraits. I use professional-grade equipment and off-camera lighting for high-end results. I specialize in environmental portraits with enhanced visuals & effects. When I work with clients I always include retouching and hand over high-res files.

I help professionals and educators centralize their information in one place so they can get more done. Using the power of Notion, I specialize in creating personalized dashboards that display notes, spreadsheets, metrics, projects & tasks all in one place, which facilitates better collaboration and creativity.

About Me

Since I was young, I have always loved drawing and creating designs on paper. I learned about photography and the darkroom process in high school, and since then have been fascinated with combining the real world with my imagination. Looking back, working in the darkroom is where I first got hooked on that feeling of knowing how an undeveloped photo in your hands knowing it could be worked into something else. During college especially I evolved my understanding of dodging, burning, and double exposure techniques I had in the darkroom with tools like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

My first digital camera arrived during Christmas of 2007 and two years later I launched Jordan Ewert Photography. It’s thanks to my friends who encouraged me to keep experimenting and improving that I learned so much during these first critical years and was fortunate to have worked with hundreds of clients ranging from artist & musician profile pics, to senior portraits to weddings. As a business, I now specialize in custom portrait photography work, along with event and wedding photography services.

Beyond photography, I am a certified Notion expert who helps project managers and small business owners provide resources on how to use Notion in practical ways.

Recent Posts

Thank you for visiting my website. I keep a journal where I write about my recent photography and share Notion insights and resources.

Graffiti Set on Large Stone Blocks near Minnehaha Falls

Exploring Minneapolis a Second Time

In early July my 20-year high school reunion took place and I visited my brother Jacob in Minneapolis and a ...
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A group of people gathered around Cavern Falls in Hocking Hills, Ohio

July Family Vacation: Exploring Caves and Waterfalls

The last week of July for me was special. After my recent solo travels to Minnesota, I was able to have a long weekend road ...
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Overlooking the Mississippi River from the Guthrie Theatre Overlook, Minneapolis MN

Traveling back to My Hometown and Visiting Friends

In mid-July, I took a personal vacation and visited friends from my hometown of Austin, MN, as well as the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and ...
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3EP2 Album Cover

How To Start Creating Composite Images

Blending images together to create something altogether different is a huge skill. There are some things to consider if you wish to create strong composite ...
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Rolls Royce Parked Outside of the Fisher Building, Detroit

Detroit Photo Walk, no.2

On Saturday, Oct. 8 I joined other photographers on a #satphotowalkdetroit, where we started at the Fisher Building in New ...
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Group of people as a silhouette walking into a colorful area outside

Detroit Photo Walk, no.1

On Saturday, April 23 I broke out my camera and met up with over a dozen other members of the ...
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