My collection of images includes landscapes, portraits, places I’ve visited, and a lot of random memories. I’ve been building this collection since 2008, categorizing them by their own unique contexts.

Since 2009 I’ve been working as a professional photographer for weddings, engagements, senior portraits, and events. I specialize in environmental portraits that incorporate one’s surroundings.

I help streamline operations and optimize workflow for small business owners and busy professionals. Together, we’ll create effective project management methodologies tailored to your unique needs, maximizing productivity.

Recent Journal Entries

A group of people gathered around Cavern Falls in Hocking Hills, Ohio

July Family Vacation: Exploring Caves and Waterfalls

The last week of July for me was special. After my recent solo travels to Minnesota, I was able to have a long weekend road trip with my family. Partially funded by a client who needed some photography in Ohio.

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Overlooking the Mississippi River from the Guthrie Theatre Overlook, Minneapolis MN

Traveling back to My Hometown and Visiting Friends

In mid-July, I took a personal vacation and visited friends from my hometown of Austin, MN, as well as the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Here are some photographs and my experience along the journey.

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3EP2 Album Cover

How To Start Creating Composite Images

Blending images together to create something altogether different is a huge skill. There are some things to consider if you wish to create strong composite images, as we explore in more detail.

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Rolls Royce Parked Outside of the Fisher Building, Detroit

Detroit Photo Walk, no.2

On Saturday, Oct. 8 I joined other photographers on a #satphotowalkdetroit, where we started at the Fisher Building in New …

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Group of people as a silhouette walking into a colorful area outside

Detroit Photo Walk, no.1

On Saturday, April 23 I broke out my camera and met up with over a dozen other members of the …

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Gerard and Danni

The other night I met with my friend Gerard near Riverside Skatepark near the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit. I’d never …

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About Me

Jordan Ewert (2020)

Jordan Ewert

After drawing a lot as a kid I started taking pictures using a 35mm film camera during my senior year of high school in 2004. My passion for photography really began around 2008 using digital photography and has been expanding ever since.

On a seemingly unrelated note, I am also an advocate of Notion. As someone who struggled with organization, I found that using this web/app helped me get my life in order. After learning how to build and manage systems for three years, I now build custom digital workspaces using this tool for business owners and working professionals that centralize information and offer customized options for task management and accountability.

Photography Services

Jordan Ewert Photography provides a range of services, including album design, wedding and engagement photography, senior portraits, as well as environmental portraits for models, musicians, artists, and other professionals. Photography is all about lighting. I use off-camera lighting to create dramatic lighting in my on-location portraits and use professional-grade lenses to capture all the details. Unlike many other photographers, my editing is typically included, files are included, and my turnaround time is fast.

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Personal Photography Collections


I take pictures of people, places, and whatever else I find interesting. I enjoy enhancing my images with composited elements or a shift in colors. My personal image collections explore themes, patterns, symbolism, and atmosphere, and range from landscape to environmental portraits.

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