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Jordan Ewert (2020)

Jordan Ewert

I create websites for businesses and build custom storefronts for those who wish to sell services or products online. I am an artist and business professional who has worked with hundreds of people since 2008 on all kinds of projects. Photography is my passion and something I’ll continue to develop for the rest of my life.

If you have a project in mind contact me or call (313) 986-1752‬.

Notion Filters inside Daily Tasks

How I Manage Daily Tasks in Notion

The first thing I wanted to do with Notion was to build a to-do list for organizing and managing my day job (🍎), business tasks (🏦), and personal to-do’s (👤), in one place. If all you want is a solid task manager this Notion page/database template works perfectly on its own since it doesn’t rely on any relational databases.

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Gerard and Danni

The other night I met with my friend Gerard near Riverside Skatepark near the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit. I’d never been to this spot before—and to be honest it has been a while since I’ve been in the city itself. …

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Danielle M

Danielle – Nankin Mills & Newburgh Lake Public Boat Launch

Danielle is a talented young woman with a passion for academics and fashion. She wanted some dramatic portraits near the water and also something with a lot of colors. The two spots I picked out for her were Nankin Mills …

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The Light-in the Ocean

The Light in the Ocean Album Artwork Design

I had the pleasure of designing album artwork for the band “The Light in the Ocean” which is composed of: Jared Emery: Guitars, Vocals, Saxophone Chris Johnson: Guitars Jacob Ewert: Drums, Keys, Vocals Travis Freudenberg: Basses, Growls The album started …

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Caitlin W Montage

Caitlin – Detroit – Belle Isle & Downtown

I met Caitlin through her parents, whom I’d shot a wedding for in 2018. This family is incredible and everyone is full of so much love and joy. Caitlin is a musician and scholar, a young woman of many talents. …

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Visiting Friends & Family in Florida

Related collections: American Neighborhoods Forests and Trees Roads & Highways from Above On January 16th we all headed on a plane to Tampa, Florida to visit some of Jen’s family, who lives nearby. Jen hadn’t seen her aunt since she …

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