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About Me


I enjoy surreal and strange photography, especially the kind that seems to have a message or backstory to it. It all started when I was kid and began making drawings on a regular basis. I drew automobiles, cityscapes, and landscapes. I guess you could say I’ve always been drawn to capturing the atmosphere of a place with the desire for realism. In high school, I moved from making drawings to exploring the construction of paintings. About my junior year of university, around 2008, I finally took on photography and haven’t looked back since. In late 2016 I graduated with my MFA in photography from Eastern Michigan University.

The photography series I make today is driven primarily by people. Photographs of landscapes, cityscape, and the abstract can only take you so far until you feel the need for human connection. Like my fine-art photography and explorations, I’m focused on working with a variety of subjects in different contexts.

I work with artists, musicians, writers, and small business owners to create portraits that can be displayed in the largest sense imaginable. By day I work as a web administrator and by night I’m teaching editorial photography at the Art Institute in Novi, Michigan.