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This website showcases my conceptual photography (i.e. explorations) from Visual NoisesCityscape Details as well as portrait photography from Awake Portrait Photography. I manage a variety of themes and have worked with hundreds of people.

I want to help you make an impression with images that tell a story. Let’s get started.


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About Me


Taking pictures is about capturing the underlying forces at work through insight and exploration. Photographs represent more than just a slice of time for me. They are a form of both a question and observation.

Drawing kept me focused when I was younger because it allowed me to dream and create simultaneously. I grew up drawing all the time, of all kinds of things, and usually as realistically as possible. It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I began taking photographs. Drawing and working in the darkroom helped me feel centered as I worked through each process individually. The time spent doing each activity gave me time to reflect and understand the power of observation.

In college, I explored Photoshop and digital painting techniques to get back the illustrative quality of hand-rendered drawings. Digital photography and software gave me the sense of unlimited possibilities. This feeling is still running strong despite the fact I’m supporting a family with a busy work life.

Exploring the world around me with camera in hand is by far my favorite thing to do. Today I take portraits of artists, musicians, and small business owners in all kinds of styles.