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Fine-Art Photography Overview

Latest Journal Entry

See what I’ve been working on and read about the behind-the-scenes of each image series, as well as my thought process behind them. To read more about my fine-art photography process you can view my fine art journal archives.

Recent Series

See my recent completed image series. Included here as well is a list of my current projects in development. To see what I’m currently working on you can view my current project.

About My Fine-Art Photography & Video

I’m interested in making sense of the world that surrounds us and use photography to express the unknown.

Photography, unlike any other medium, empowers the blending of the real and the unreal. Perhaps this is why taking pictures has become a fundamental part of who I am today. My photography deals with a wide variety of concepts ranging from aesthetic beauty in light patterns to portraits about the human condition. Most of the fine-art image series created between 2008 and 2014 dealt with psychological feelings of loss, nostalgia, and hope for beauty in this impossible existence we pretend is so normal. Recently my fine-art image series have turned out to be mostly philosophical in nature, rooted in ancient concepts such as the microcosm and macrocosm, dualism, and the trinity. To illustrate these principles I’ve been researching mystery religions, secret societies, and the esoteric knowledge that’s been carried forth into our Western society at large.

It’s been my personal approach to expand the potential of what an image can become. I think in contextual terms, and most of the work in my fine-art portfolio only makes sense when viewed in relationship to the surrounding images.


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