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editorial photography

Professional services for clients within the boundaries of editorial & commercial applications.


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See what I’ve been working on and read about the behind-the-scenes of each image series, as well as my thought process behind them.

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See what’s been influencing me lately. This page is updated in real-time from other media-rich websites like Tumblr, 500px, etc.

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See my recent completed image series. Included here as well is a list of my current projects in development.

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I create Fine Art & Editorial Photography.

I’m interested in making sense of the world that surrounds us.

Photography, unlike any other medium, empowers the blending of the real and the unreal. Perhaps this is why taking pictures has become a fundamental part of who I am today. This website features selected image collections, fine-art series, and editorial photography I’ve been working on for the last eight years (since 2008). It’s been my personal approach to expand the potential of what an image can become.

It’s my retouching experience that gives what I do heightened significance. My prime objective is to create photographic image series based on different themes or ideas, continually filtering & building upon my previous image collection for context. Initially, I approached photography as a shortcut to create the compositions I had previously drawn or painted.

I’m currently located in Dearborn Michigan and service the surrounding Detroit / Metro area. I’ve worked with hundreds of people and documented thousands of locations both professionally and for my own amusement.

When working on a portrait, I focus on the psychological aspects that person brings to the table by capturing ambitions, personality, and culture. I enjoy the dreamlike aspects people envision themselves being apart of. Because of this, I’m most interested in creating portraits that are surrealistic rather than straightforward.

Locations I’ve traveled to range from the outskirt villages of Bulgaria to the city streets of New York City. However, there is so much more to explore… If I could do anything right now it would be to travel the world and explore. The more environments I capture, the more possibilities come to life in terms of image-collecting. Nothing changes you more than getting a fresh perspective.

View my journal to see what I’ve been up to and what I’m working on at the present moment. // If you’re interested in working with me professionally, see the services I offer. // For limited edition prints & rights managed licensing options check out my storefront. // To stay current with everything I’m working on sign up for my newsletter and you will be the first to receive journal updates.