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Welcome to my photo series website! My name is Jordan Ewert and I’m an image series photographer who creates photography & video series rooted in people, places, and concepts. Most of my work is stylized or involves photo compositing techniques. I currently reside and work in the Detroit / Metro area.

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About Me

I am a Detroit photographer fascinated in how we view the world around us. I take pictures of people, places, and life itself.

My photography has developed into intentional photo series that revolve around certain themes as well as unintentional accumulations of work from all over, which have developed into more focused collections of observations over time.

Since 2008 I have been taking pictures and archiving my favorites into a larger image database than can be viewed and licensed online.

I come from a drawing background and have a BFA in painting, which reflects in my photographic compositions. Themes of my work revolve around the preservation of memory and the stepping into surreal or alternative realities because I’m interested in altered states of consciousness.

Besides photography I enjoy building things, learning about the latest technology, watching independent films, and reading books about historical events and psychology. Currently I’m pursuing my MFA in photography from Eastern Michigan University.

Work Overview

Jump right in and view my Portfolios. Or, for a “best of” overview, check out my selected photography collections above.

My portrait photography collections highlight the characteristics & personalities of people by the choices of chosen (or manipulated) environments that surround them. I’ve always enjoyed the dreamlike aspects people envision themselves being apart of, either in their own lives or as a reflection of specific archetypes.

Locations I’ve traveled to range from the outskirt villages of Bulgaria to the vast cityscapes of New York City. Unlike traditional photo-journalism, I like to play around with the potential an image has after I take it. This ranges from simple color adjustments to the dismantling and re-contextualization of key structures in their environment(s). I work this way because I want to establish a more suggestible connection that refers to the unknown or unreal.

Currently I’m involved with more experimental video projects that play with the temporal dimension of time.

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