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Selected Photography Collections

I enjoy taking pictures that represent peoples characteristics, habits, and personalities in the reality we live in. That being said, I also enjoy the dreamlike aspects people envision themselves being apart of. My photography aims to reveal these layered dimensions using symbolism from places, objects, or other means. I do this so I can create alternative portraits that are slightly surreal. The real world, after all, is just an illusion.
Locations I’ve traveled to range from outskirt villages in Bulgaria to the vast cityscapes of New York City. Unlike traditional photo-journalism, I like to play around with the potential an image has after I take it. This can range from simple color adjustments to the dismantling and re-contextualizing of key structures in an environment. I do this because I want to establish a more impressionable connection.



Video Portfolios

The video projects I produce tend to play with the temporal dimension of time. Currently I’m working on a documentary about the Delray neighborhood in Detroit. I want to know how the new international bridge project that will effect people in the community. I’m seeking people who live in this area tell me their stories about growing up and how they cope with the current air pollution problem and corporate buyout plans.
I want to understand how the industry sprawling around this neighborhood has effected residents lives in the past and how it’s effecting them now. Lastly, I want to hear about the plans people living here are going to make. Delray has so much history and my goal is to preserve this history by capturing people’s stories growing up in the community while simultaneously showing images and video from the present.



Current Project


The Neighborhood of Delray


Artist Statement


I am an image series photographer currently located in Dearborn, Michigan. I specialize in promotional portraits for models, musicians, writers, and other people in the public eye who want to stand out. When I’m not doing work professionally I’m usually investigating personal projects.
I became fascinated with capturing the world around me in 2003. However, it wasn’t until 2008 when I made the decision to become a full-time photographer. Currently, I’m working towards my Masters Degree in Photography from Eastern Michigan University and working with more video experimentations.


My goal is to get your personality out there, effectively as possible.


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