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I am an experimental photographer interested in making sense of the world that surrounds us. I create Fine Art and Image Series in the fields of photography, video, and other media.


Most of the photography on this website has developed over time from unconscious “accidental” accumulations of images taken for my own self-indulgence. My fascination with realism led me into the field of photography, which in turn connected me to people and conceptual image series. I’m usually not satisfied with a picture I’ve taken unless it’s surrounded by a context and placed in a series or collection of works.

Jump right in and view my entire series index or for an overview check out my selected photography collections above. Most of my photographs are stylized or digitally manipulated in some way because I’m more interested in creating hybrid realities from multiple images than documenting the real world as it is. I also find this process to be incredibly rewarding and full of surprises along the way.

When working on a portrait I focus on the psychological aspects that person brings to the table with their goals, ambitions, and personality. I’ve always enjoyed the dreamlike aspects people envision themselves being apart of, either in their own lives or as a reflection of specific archetypes they have created.

Locations I’ve traveled to range from the outskirt villages of Bulgaria to the city streets of New York City. Juxtaposing environments and collecting similar ones in image series helps me make sense of the world and the way people live.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people and documented thousands of locations. I am a Detroit photographer who has been taking pictures undeviatingly for the last decade. My work practice overall has essentially been a psychological and existential journey.

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